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We started our Singapore maths lessons this week. An approach that is embedded in learning maths by exploring equipment to solve problems. Sally, a character from the story of ‘Sally and the Limpit,’ has collected shells from the beach but does not know how many she has. So the children counted them using a tens frame and were able to let Sally know how many she had collected.
Can you remind me how many shells Sally had collected?

Singapore maths on PhotoPeach

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In our class we did some paintings not with paintbrushes but spoons and knives! The children that this was a lot of fun. We dripped and dribbled the paint mixed with glue and then stirred it with a knife to see all the colours swirl next to one another.
We were inspired by the bright vivid colours of our summer holidays and visits to the seaside. We also added shells and stones.
Let us know what you think of our paintings.

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Enjoy a ball

Come and see what we did with Sam from Enjoy A Ball.
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First Day

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